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Structured Voice & DATA Wiring

Structured Voice & DATA Wiring

Commercial Security Services in the Lafayette & Opelousas, LA area

Our professional team has many years' experience in voice, data, and fiber optic cable and their complex terminations. Having gained most of our experience from oilfield communications, we have seen some of the worst rat's nests imaginable. Focus'N has the knowledge, tools, and capabilities to structure the wiring back into an organized and presentable arrangement with cable certifications.

Whether it's the complete wiring of a new building or house to working in an existing business or home, we are eager to serve. We have experience in Cat-5e, Cat-6+, 25 pair, coaxial, single mode fiber optic, and multi-mode fiber optic cables interfaced with various types of d-marks and terminating standards. Let Focus'N outfit your property with leading industry technology and transition media

Fiber optics has become a way to traffic large amounts data over long distances with minimal signal loss. Fiber speeds can't be outdone by any other type of transmission line. We can splice, terminate and repair your fiber using multiple terminating techniques. Let us terminate, test, and dress your fiber connections. If you have a home or business that needs voice wiring, data/internet wiring, or splicing of fiber optics, we want your business, and our caliber of work can be surpassed by no one.

Surveillance Installation & Maintenance

Surveillance Installation & Maintenance

Surveillance systems are a growing part of our society and can play a crucial role in catching a thief, documenting vandalism, or simply saving on insurance premiums when work injury occurs due to employee negligence caught on camera. Focus'N offers a wide variety of security systems to fit your needs, from affordable, economical analog cameras to more sophisticated HD and IP cameras with multiple monitoring devices on premises. We can configure your surveillance recorder for remote viewing on your smart phone, tablet, or PC from anywhere there's an internet connection, so you'll be able to check on your assets, property, or employees at your convenience.

No job is too big or too small, and our security systems installation crews pride themselves on efficiency and cleanliness. Your work facility will be left like we were never there.

Remember, there are systems that can produce HD video over the existing coax installed on previous system. This means you can upgrade your system with the same infrastructure saving you a boat load on installation fees. Call to find out more!

Access Control

The term access control refers to the restriction of unauthorized persons entering a geographical area such as a private property, school, business or plant facility. There are several mechanical ways of restricting this access, for example: turnstiles, different types of door locks and/or automatic gate control. Focus'N offers access control using the latest in technology in all the previously mentioned technological means with computer based CPUs to control and monitor the limitation and authorized personnel. Whether you are looking to keep people in or out, we can handle the job from start to finish.